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Smart Watch A1813

Hello to all of you today for coming back with friends. As well as ever For today, accompanied by other gadgets. Which will review the friend can go by the reviews on shortly have the opportunity to catch one gadget at a very interesting time. This gadget is that it is thou Smart Watch A18 or A18 comes with intelligent clock function active. The answer to your daily routine. In addition, it will take time and even then, it can also be used as a phone call or a call that the SIM card as well. It also comes with more capabilities, each feature is considered to be quite good. This is what the friends. Know the Smart Watch A18 together better.

Features of Smart Watch A18
• Size 58.5×39.5×12.3 mm.
• screen frame is made of stainless steel.
• The size of the package 100x100x75 mm.
• weighs only 50 grams
• You can insert the SIM card.
• CPU: 533 MHz MTK6260A
• Screen size 1.5 inch TFT HD LCD Resolotuin 240×240 pixel.
• Support for Bluetooth: Ver 3.0.
• Comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera.
• Battery: 450 mAh type Polymer battery.
• Memory: 128M Memory Card support up to 32G.
• Equipped with 3D sensor detects the passage of each step.
• Supports GSM 850/900/1800/1900 frequencies
• Comes function to play MP3, MP4 includes a Bluetooth music player has.
• Comes with sync function. Notifications and social media.

Smart Watch A18-3 Smart Watch A18-4 Smart Watch A18-5 Smart Watch A18-6 Smart Watch A18-7 Smart Watch A18-8 Smart Watch A18-9 Smart Watch A18-10 Smart Watch A18-11 Smart Watch A18-12 Smart Watch A18-13 Smart Watch A18-14 Smart Watch A18-15 Smart Watch A18-16 Smart Watch A18-17 Smart Watch A1813
Unpack the Smart Watch A18
Smart Watch A18 for the house, even if it is a brand from China. But the talent and the looks of it, considered quite unusual. Although the price of Smart Watch A18 will have a value of just 1,490 baht, but the ability to watch the beauty of this house is a genius. I came to China, organized thousands. That allows users to get faster to the fullest. Starting in packages of Smart Watch A18 to come out with style Eco Muji. I do not squint
When unpacking will meet our hero Smart Watch A18 which comes with the package that simple. (Options are available with plastic enclosure).
When the sheep out to meet with the Smart Watch A18 with a USB cable for charging.
The Smart Watch A18 of the machine that is well designed with a large 1.5-inch screen resolution, it is not ugly at 240×240 pixel camera with 1.3 megapixels.
Line of Smart Watch A18 line will be made from good quality rubber. Is tough and durable, not easily broken.
The back cover can be removed A slot for a SIM card micro SIM and Micro SD Card.
The battery of the Smart Watch A18 should look something like this.
Now let’s try to open the view in some parts of the screen. The function of the use of the Smart Watch A18 on the front page looks like a clock hand. Who can tell the time and date.
When a finger touches the screen. Interface of the Smart Watch A18 will change the default screen background color. It has a function to select the applications have three functions. The function calls (Telephone) Function scale activities (Activity) and function settings (Setting).
The front of the phone functions. Users can press the number keys Including the list of interface like this. This list can be synchronized with a smartphone via Bluetooth on.
After viewing the phone function of the Smart Watch A18, this time to try to see some Activity function by function, friends can use it as a stopwatch. Including using it as a tool to save. And recognize the value of our body mass.
For example It can be used as a walking pace in each of us. Use a heart rate watch.
The next section of the Settings page (Setting) friends can set Smart Watch A18 vastly different. Whether the call settings, set up alerts, set up connections to devices such as smart phones.
Review of the initial deployment of the Smart Watch A18.
For Smart Watch A18 is regarded as smart watches airplane model that can be used as a mobile phone at all. If users have a SIM card. You can put the SIM And use it as a mobile phone to any phone calls without having to connect to Bluetooth to share information with smartphones. But if you want to use the Smart Wash chic style. By connecting a smartphone to answer calls. Or call toll-so-chic design. By ordering through smart Wash A18 can also choose to set up a connection with a smartphone via Bluetooth The Smart Watch A18 can use functions other many. By friends can see examples for test applications below it.
As you drag your finger down the screen to find menu using the Smart Watch A18 in the Home menu. It comes with functions for use with up to four options together. This function is mainly a function that took for the phone alone include Dialer, Phonebook, Call Logs are also functions for smart phone or Looking Phone in case you drop it. not found with
Examples of applications Looking Phone functions when pressed to come across to the menu of applications. Users can search for smart phones that connect to the Smart Wash machine like this.
Try functions Call Logs to view the report phone calls. If Smart Wash A18 connected to the smart phone, we took it. It will draw on information from the smart phone to let us know immediately.
When flick the screen to the left to go to menu functions and other functions. Whether a function Pedometer or step counter, function or Music Player Audio Player, Messaging and Setting for machine settings.
Let’s see, it can be difficult to write.
Take your music with other music on the memory card can not.
Later we see the menu next to each look. The menu is a page of File Manager, FM radio, Calender and Alarm, you can use it. Each function can be used as a mobile yet.
Using the File Manager file management in smart phones of us easily.
Listen to the radio or FM Radio can only connect to the headset.
See the calendar The functions Calender.
This is not just because Smart Watch A18 also comes with functions Multimedia, Calculator, Bluetooth and BT Dialer to use as well.
In function, you can record Multimedia. Or view photos
Use the calculator in Calculator function or function calculator.
The ability of the Smart Watch A18 unspent only. It can be used as a remote alert our smartphone with functions Remote Notifier, a remote camera Remote Capture, monitor sleep Sleep Monitor Quick response and for loading applications. To use the Smart Watch this machine.
Example function checks the quality of sleep Sleep Monitor.
It also comes with functions Smart Search, Profiles, Browser and SIM toolkit allows users to choose from as well.
Customize the style of Smart Wash easily.
Or use Smart Search function to search for things. Do the same
The last operating mode 4 modes, not to mention it, that is. I modes for photography Camera, Image mode Image Viewer, Video Player, and DVD player, Video recorder mode, in which each mode is considered the best work ever.
Whether it’s because the Smart Watch A18 via video camera attached to the watch. Or use the simple stills. You can do the same
The results of the Smart Watch A18.
The advantages
• The Smart Watch is designed to be used extensively.
• The connection to the smart phone, users can easily via Bluetooth.
• Easily sync data from smart phone users have very diverse. Whether the address book of the phone messages, notes, etc.
• It can act as a mobile phone built-in. Simply insert the SIM card
• The battery can last for a long time. And Rechargeable Wireless
• Exterior view beautiful The materials used in the assembly is quite durable.
• The pedometer function. Or functionality to other applications. Associated with Body Analysis No honest
• The camera is attached to the Smart Watch A18 has a resolution of just 1.3 megapixels.
• Sound – turn the sound off like mobile phones Nokia.
Treated as gadgets and accessories that more applications quite another for Smart Watch A18 If you have a comparison between the ability to use the facilities provided. The price was only 1490 baht Smart Watch A18 is a good answer for many people who are looking for smart airplane used. If not caught by brand Or make excessive Smart Watch A18 seems to be quite a good option.

Asus ZenFone 2 Deluxe

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The design of the ASUS Zenfone 2 Deluxe (ZE551ML) the unit will look rounded convex back cover designed to be twinkling like diamonds. And can be replaced with a 5.5-inch screen, the device measures 152.5 x 77.2 x 10.9 mm and weighs 170 grams feeling to experience that. The machine will feel so much stronger. To watch the look of your smart phone this thread.

For the top of the display will have speakers with a 5 megapixel camera.
Below the display are buttons by touch control buttons are Back, Home, and the Recent App.
The top of the unit A 3.5 mm headphone jack and power button – Turn off and lock the screen.
The bottom of the unit A socket charger Micro – USB.
For the rear of the machine On top of the back cover has a 13-megapixel camera comes with a flash of color and two volume buttons. And the bottom of the back cover to the speaker.
Inside, it has a SIM card slot and Micro – SIM 2 channels and increase memory Micro – SD 1-channel version, remove the battery yourself.
The interface Chong Ye ASUS Zenfone 2 Deluxe (ZE551ML) for twos runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop cover with ASUS ZenUI was simply flowing normally, and the menu you smart phone to this folder in the app to start the next one.
To test the performance of the ASUS Zenfone 2 Deluxe (ZE551ML) using Antutu for the score on the test is 48 511 !! Points Multi-touch support for me and my 10 points.
For a procedure that comes with it is a Touch Gecture knock the second time to display, or draw a finger to access the apps, shortcuts, and Motion Gesture is shaking twice to save screenshots and final One Hand Mode. For single player mode
And for playing games on the ASUS Zenfone 2 Deluxe (ZE551ML) by the performance of Antutu considered quite high. Try to come up with a game that you really smart show the performance capability, this would have much. The game will be tested Modern Combat 5, Implosion, GangStar4, OC2, BIA3, Asphalt 8 graphics tight, heavy specs too.
As it turns out as expected given. Play more smoothly No little jerky The results came out pretty good. By playing in online mode, players will not have any problems here. Gamers really have emotions too.

Entertainment ASUS Zenfone 2 Deluxe (ZE551ML) for smart phones today. It comes with a 5.5 inch display screen resolution of 1090×1920 401ppi pixel Full HD IPS 16 million colors for display in the movies, it’s wonderful to follow the rules. The speaker was very plain, nothing special. In a matter of surfing the Web, playing Social Network, it flows very well. And the keyboard is large enough
Shooting on ASUS Zenfone 2 Deluxe (ZE551ML) The camera comes with a resolution of 13 megapixels and Aperture 2.0 Lens 5 class auto-focus flash, dual-color camera comes with a resolution of 5 megapixels. Support Selfie Panorama
The look of the camera UI, it does not seem easy as ever. And a mode to switch applications.
Also, let your pictures ASUS Zenfone 2 Deluxe (ZE551ML) a little bit. Starting at the camera
SUMMARY me for ASUS Zenfone 2 Deluxe (ZE551ML) smart phone version is filled at the same memory device that is not up to 128GB, and for applications that require viewing experience things entertainment. In the Internet world has been watching the performance with a larger screen and a compact ergonomic design.

The 3000 mAh battery that came through did some work on it. And smart phones, you can remove the back cover to change the lifestyle of my friends, for them, it would not be disappointed with ASUS ASUS Zenfone 2 Deluxe (ZE551ML)…

Review-ASUS-Zenfone-2-Deluxe Review-ASUS-Zenfone-2-Deluxe-1 Review-ASUS-Zenfone-2-Deluxe-2 asus2 asus3 asus4

Toshiba AW-A750ST review

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Toshiba AW-A750ST


No need to get out before a dealer. And not a follower of this brand. This is a Toshiba one in my house. Before I came to buy from thousands lot. Information that Motor, Japan’s Toshiba, Hitachi is better motors such as LG, Samsung of Korea has selected it. The specification is like a small lid on product prices were moderately better than expected and we were not disappointed I would like to review some other people I know will not help to buy it from me.
Automatic washing machine lid on the Toshiba AW-A750ST capacity of 6.5 kW purchased only 5090 baht Send free installation, free cash when installation is complete. I see it
This label comes to saving money No.5 why I see it.
10 year motor warranty, but really count against the machines that had to be paid at a launderette with coin pieces. Less than half a year’s worth silent until then I do not believe it, even though it is not directly connected motors.
The wet fabric capacity of 6.5 kW of input distribution. Add a little water bucket full of clean laundry was good. If the fabric is not tangled with the spin finish it.
This version of Fuzzy Control System saves energy too.
Zero Standby Power System is designed to save energy, particularly electricity. The machine will automatically cut off the electrical circuit immediately. Despite plugged in while the machine is not working. You can save electricity up to 20% and extends lifespan. When finished washing the end of the alarm will shut off the night with me for a few seconds.
Lid made of transparent plastic, gently remove the two machine works I may not look elegant. But it is ok This time was no fire that left a few minutes, but do not exceed one hour too. Now let’s look at the properties that boast the lid on what it does not.
Star Crystal Drum drum performance. Designed to wash the surface of the shape with spin cloth. And do not destroy the fabric
Hydro Power Wash thoroughly than with vortex – up and down vertically.
Circular Intake pull air into the chassis in any direction. The fabric dries faster
The chassis looks good No filter cloth bag hanging from the irritating eyes. The detergent and fabric softener residue was nothing. This fabric softener when washing water flowing out many scented cloth flattered me.

Toshiba AW-A750ST
Cassette Lint Filter Filter Design Box. All levels of impurities, water resistant, easy to clean and long-lasting.
The final Let’s see what functions it from left to right.
– The detergent and water level We will check the fabric and then introduced into a water and detergent to the right. But we can reduce it as you like.
– A special function to clean the empty tank. I recommend a two month’s time, I feel that much more water แhaๆ Kong and the timer can be set in advance, 6 and 9 hours a shop like this. Set at bedtime to wash to finish before nine o’clock because it was during Off Peak power is up to washing it. Finally, the lid open to prevent the machine spinning and protect children. This will set or not set or not. But the house was a little more pleasant as well.
– Spin Ultra 60 and 90 minutes, I do not use it. It is not necessary The afternoon sun is hot, plenty of room to even sit in the dark. But until things blow dry this fall redistribute it.
– This function button will blink to indicate that the work is in process now. I can set my own with it. You do not have to spin as well, because I will not be used or washed, spun or spun as anything now.
– Wash function with only four models are few, but cover it plain Quick Wash wash cloth soaked cloth, then do it.

This concluded that the washing machine. Low price but high caliber here. Try that it has
1. Clean the tank I think that the waste water
2. Wash normally take a clean cloth fabric softener scented cloth and tumble into the water finally finished fabrics tangle. Have less wrinkles
3. Soak a cloth washing is wanted of him. Remove the cloth table linens used in the kitchen or something very dirty. However, all white, let me see from the vending machines do not. This was spun during infusion. Use a lot more water to flood the fabric. Add water to wash it again The clean white cloth out Smudge it out

But when I installed it. Then we tried the machine It appears that the noise coming from the machine when the motor rotate it. Heck, I was shocked that we were shopping. No sooner had the problem so. We have come back to read the manual. But I came across a nut in my bag. We read at installation It is well rodent grid to slot it under the machine. But, just plug it Unscrew we have not yet made it sound was gone. This is very good

Who is looking for a washer on. The price is quite good at it was we had to come out as the second mini-tank lid to see both pros and cons to it. However, this is just a personal opinion from my own experience. Who wants to know more, ask me.

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